Probe routes
Shortest path

Network probe

Reveal actual routing fees. Optimize your fees.

Use a pubkey or an alias to select a node.

What can you do with it?

  • Checkout the routing fees between nodes and optimize your own fees.
  • Find new profitable routes that have high fees.

How does it work

LnRouter probes routes in the Lightning Network between the source and target node to figure out routes that actually work. The resulting report shows you exactly what fees are paid between the nodes.

What is a probe?

A probe is a test payment that doesn't actually send funds. A successful probe reveals if a route between nodes is actually working and gives a hint, how much money it is able to transact*.

See here for more information about probing.

How is it different to Shortest Path?

Shortest Path, like other query route tools (Ride the Lightning, lightning-cli getroute, lncli queryroutes), does not check if the channels on the actual route are balanced and therefore work. The probing algorithm actually sends a test payment to the node to make sure the payment is successful.

Why is the newly created report not up to date?

LnRouter utilises heavy caching to reduce the load on the network. If the algorithm encounters a non-working channel the channel will be excluded for 24 hours. This might influence the accuracy of the report.