Allocate capital
where it's needed

LnRouter helps node operators make
informed decisions with data that matters.

An attempt to improve routing

Opening profitable channels is a skill in itself. Use lookups to vet nodes before you spend onchain fees and wait days on payments.

Avoid dead-ends

Identify nodes with a major disbalance in inbound / outbound capacity. Avoid opening channels to nodes with inbound only. Benefit from nodes with too much outbound.

Identify well-managed nodes

A reliable routing partner manages its liquidity and has lots of balanced channels. This reduces payment failures and amount of payment attempts.

Transparent method

In contrast to other scores, our test method is transparent. Single test results are visible for more insights and validity checks.

What users say

LnRouter Lookups has helped me transform from a recreational node to a profitable router.

The insights I gained from Lookups helped me keep my inbound sources of liquidity balanced and flowing.
This app is like accessing the dashboard of other nodes for a limited snapshot of their channels. It's a must-have when choosing a new peer or attempting to improve rebalancing with an existing peer.

Successful Lightning Network node operator


Pay per use

500 sat per lookup

75% Release Discount

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