Zero Base Fee graph

Visualize all nodes with their channels that support #zeroBaseFee.

Rene Pickhardt and Stefan Richter found out that finding the cheapest Multipart Payment is an NP-complete problem if a base fee is included in the fee function. If the base fee is dropped nodes can compute this optimization problem.

Rene and Stefans new pathfinding algorithm (aka. Pickhardt Payments) would allow much larger amounts to be sent over the lightning network than what we currently see.

This graph aims to visualize the support for #zeroBaseFee and therefore Pickhardt Payments.

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What do these colors indicate?

A blue channel has set its base fee to zero. A blue node has set at least 85% of its base fees to zero.

An orange channel has not set its base fee to zero. A orange node has less than 85% of its base fees set to zero.

How accurate are the indicated percentages?

Channels with #zeroBase and Capacity with #zeroBase are calculated based on channel updates starting from February 2021.

What is #zeroBaseFee?

#zeroBaseFee is an initiative of Rene Pickhardt and Stefan Richter to drop the channel base fee to zero. For more information, checkout drop the base with #zerobasefee.